Where is your art?

Harland & Wolff of Belfast commissioned Noah Hingley and Sons, of Netherton, to supply the RMS Titanic’s anchors – [1].

What a wrought sublime beauty this Hingley leviathan is – made to the 1910 Hall’s patent anchor design – and weighing-in at a titanic 15tons and 16cwts of locally forged steel – [2].


Michael McGoldrick’s CAD drawing suggests the anchor’s angle of housing within the Titanic’s hull – [3].


Many years later, after several business changes, Wright Hingley Ltd. of Netherton made parts for the Concorde’s supersonic engines.


Where is our art? Our art is in the Titanic and the Concorde.

Made by many hands now forgotten.

But also by hands not forgotten.

For your 90th.


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