Where is your art?

A people’s identity lays, yes, in the art that they make for themselves.

We West Midlanders teach our children about Hockney, Kandinsky and the rest of them. But we don’t teach them about our Bloye. That’s wrong.

We should make room to teach our children about Bloye’s civic and commercial commissions, because they are all around us to see from the street.

I pass ‘The Antelope’ on the Stratford Road and can’t help looking at it until it goes out of view.

Local art by the eye of a local master.

Where is our art? Here it is now.

Ark at it.



[1] https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/30/Art_deco_carving_by_William_Bloye_%28doorway_to_the_Royal_Oak_Public_House%2C_Lozells%2C_Birmingham%2C_England%29.jpg