A version of this painting hangs in Canada and a version of it hangs in England. There are differences between the two versions:

(A) Diffusion of shadow:

1. The shadow of the Governess thrown against her chair.

2. The table against the floor.

3. The boy against the floor.

(B) Colour:

4. The boy’s hair ribbon.

(C) Brush strokes:

5. Curved shapes in between the two open doors.

(D) Correction:

6. The right hand door line extends down into the boy’s upper arm.

The question to ask is not why the Tatton Park version is different to that hanging in Ottawa, but to ask what Chardin thought of the Tatton Park version?



[1] https://www.gallery.ca/collection/artwork/the-governess

[2] http://www.nationaltrustcollections.org.uk/object/1298184