{The beginning} The British authorities don’t hold Blofeld in a maximum security facility. Instead, they move him every eight hours around the world. A now fractured SPECTRE learn about this and mount an audacious, succesful, rescue, in which a female ’00’ agent is killed [the Bond 25 opening sequence is a departure from the traditional Bond opening].

{The problem} ‘M’ calls ‘007’ out of semi-retirement. 007’s last job. Do your duty. Use your personal knowledge of Blofeld to discover how a fragmented SPECTRE is continuing to organise and function. Bond uncovers two massive plots; that SMERSH has been covertly infiltrating, influencing and subverting SPECTRE (and QUANTUM) operations for years; and that SMERSH plan to destabilise Scandinavia. Bond fights with the elite agents of SMERSH.

{The end} Bond and Blofeld collaborate. Bond, Blofeld and Swann end up in SMERSH’s ultra-secret spy base. Bond and Scandinavian agents fight with elite SMERSH agents (Operation Valhalla). Swann is endangered. Blofeld tries to save Swann. SMERSH elite female agent kills Swann. Bond kills elite female SMERSH adversary. Bond tries to save Blofeld, Blofeld dies. Bond dumps Blofeld in the sea. Bond repatriates Swann.

{Afterword} ‘M”s speech. The next threat of our times. Dismantling a criminal organisation like SPECTRE was one thing. But countering the ideology behind SMERSH will be a generational concern.

Bond 25 ends.


The contemporary relevancy of Bond 25:

  • Ideological war of geo-politcal state boundaries (ISIS)
  • Dumping Blofeld’s body in the sea (Al-Qaeda/Osama Bin Laden)
  • Elite female agents of British Intelligence and SMERSH (Hollywood’s mode to feminise male roles)
  • Britain’s ‘Brexit’ and the Scandinavian regard of the European Union


… and a one word title beginning with the letter ‘S’; ‘Skyfall’, ‘SPECTRE’, ‘SMERSH’




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