AP Films had the intention to be a film house – [1].

The closing titleography for Thunderbirds [2] is worth talking about.

Children have just watched an episode of Thunderbirds. There will have been a happy ending to the International Rescue mission. We’ll probably see a Tracy family scene; a dénouement with laughter.

The Tracy’s are happy. The children are happy.

Then the screen goes black. Barry Gray’s music starts to a black screen. There is no image. Timpani, the king of drums, accompanied by a snare, sound out the seriousness of the business that we have just watched International Rescue perform. And the seriousness of the end titleography.

The image is faded in, as if revealing a secret. Timpani and snare continuing a quasi-military stand-to.

And what do we see? We’re not sure. It’s a close-up of something and, moreover, it’s at an odd angle.

Mystery of true identity.

And then a never-seen-before rotating, disorientating, zoom-out reveal occurs.

It’s Thunderbird 1.

Yes it’s a children’s programme but, in only five seconds, AP Films offers us a tantalising glimpse of a filmatic vision on a corresponding timeframe to Broccoli’s and Saltzman’s EoN.

The talent on display is awesome.

Barry Gray. Listen to his score around when the Rolls-Royce grille of FAB 1 is revealed.


What do you hear? There’s a word for it. Leitmotif.




[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AP_Films

[2] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFM5-rZ9G4I